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    Cato Group
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                Cato Group began in 1984 as Cato Construction Company and offered General Contracting Services for Heavy Commercial to Light and Medium Industrial Plants and Projects.  Their services included the Supply, Installation, Retrofit, Refurbishment and / or Manufacture of Bulk Material Handling Equipment, Crushing and Screening, Pollution Control Equipment, Structures and Buildings.


                Through the many years of Continued Growth and Experience, Additional Equipment and Services were added to further our ability to meet the needs of our Customer Base.  The Majority of our experience and knowledge was acquired through approximately 20 years of diverse projects in the Construction and Maintenance of various aspects of the Brick Manufacturing Industry.


                In 2006, after 22 years of Field Service combined with the utilization of services with several alliance companies to provide specialized Project Design, Fabrication and / or Installation Services, Cato Group was formed and our current facility was purchased in the Brenham Industrial Park.


                With 5,000 square feet of offices and our 60,000 square feet of shop and warehouse, Cato Group is now able to provide more complete turnkey in-house services to its diverse customer base.  These services are supplemented through carefully selected alliances with other specialized vendors and service providers.


                Cato Group is geared toward working with the Customer to Focus on their direct needs to Conceptualize, Design, Manufacture and / or Construct the Equipment, System or Plant which they desire.  Safety, Economics, Maintainability and Expandability are always kept within the Specifications to keep each project a Success.


                Whether turnkey, a project component, equipment supply and / or refurbishment, our services have been customized to meet the needs of our clients, minimize downtime and maximize on-time completion.  Cato crews are fully trained to complete the project while proficiently focusing on economics, safety and productivity. 


                We credit our steady growth to satisfied customers, their repeat business and referrals.  We have built our reputation by keeping our customer’s interests as important as our own and we want to show you the benefits of intrusting your project to Cato Group.


    Customer Focused - Quality Driven


    James N. Cato

    President - Cato Group


    Cato Group

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