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    Cato Group
    Cato Group
    Cato Construction
    Project Design
    OEM Manufacturing and Fabrication

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    Project Design

         Over the years, our customers have requested that we provide the Design, Fabrication, and/or Installation of various project including: Machines, Structures, Systems and/or Complete Turnkey. Our past experience in the Field Service of Installing, Retrofitting and Maintenance on Equipment, Systems and Plants gives us the ability to handle the unique concerns related to the design, development, and fabrication associated with small to medium sized projects focusing on the customer’s true needs and requirements.

    Services available, but not limited to:

    • Layout

    • Scope of Work

    • Process Flow

    • Equipment Design and Specifications

    • Concept through Start-up Project

    • Management

    • Construction and Installation

    • Management


    Cato Group


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